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About Asbury Danes

Welcome to the Asbury Danes web site.  My name is Martha.  My husband Carl and I live in Ocala, Florida.

I first became acquainted with Great Danes in 1996, a harlequin named Harley.  Harley was not shown in conformation, but shown in obedience and earned his CGC (canine good citizen).  Since then I have co-founded Great Dane Rescue of Northeast Florida with Ace Emery, who now handles all rescues.   

After Harley came into our lives, we discovered some of his behavior seemed to be out of the norm.  We traveled to dog shows to meet other Dane owners and breeders to determine if our Harley was “normal” for the breed.  We spoke with breeders and owners from north, south, and west and to our dismay they confirmed our fears; Harley was normal.  Our Gentle Giant, along with other Danes, like to take you by the hand (put your hand in their mouth) and lead you around.  Great Danes also like to sit on couches and chairs with their feet on the floor, and also like to lean against you.  These are just a couple of many unique characteristics that Great Danes share.

After gathering information for over two years, my husband and I decided to show and breed Great Danes.  In 1999, we purchased our first show puppy, a fawn male we named Sebastian.  Mr. John A. Cziraki (Cigany Danes), our breeder, helped us arrange for a professional handler Mr. Wayne Custis to train and show Sebastian.  In 2002, we purchased a brindle female puppy we named Gracie and our daughter purchased a black female named Lilli.  Our handler Mr. Wayne Custis is working with our girls in hopes that soon they too will have their American and International Championships.

We are no longer a new kennel, but an experienced kennel that takes our Danes very seriously.  All of our puppies have, and will be raised in our home.  In the future, we hope to produce puppies with a focus on health and sound temperament as described in the AKC Standard for the Great Dane.  Our puppies will be bred for their gentle temperament and in an atmosphere abundant in human companionship and loving family.

While speaking with several different breeders who raw feed, we learned that the most important thing we could do for our Danes was to feed them correctly.  They believe that an all-natural raw diet will enable your Danes to live a long and healthy life.  They recommended the book “Give You Dog a Bone” by Dr. Ian Billinghurst.  After reading the book we switched to the BARF Diet (Bones and Raw Food).  Since making the food switch our dog food bill has gone down and our Danes are healthier and happier.  They have more energy, drink less water, and their coats are more vibrant and beautiful.

I urge you to do your homework before adopting or purchasing a Great Dane.  Please realize that this special breed of dog is not for everyone.  Great Danes require and demand your commitment to their care throughout their life span.  Great Danes are social dogs that love to be with you at all times, and will not prosper if condemned to be a backyard dog.  Please educate yourself as to the special nutritional requirements of Giant Breed dogs as well as their overall exercise and health requirements.

Thank you for taking the time to get acquainted with us.  We recommend that you seek information about Great Danes via the internet, printed volumes, or in speaking directly with other concerned breeders and owners.  Your time spent learning about this wonderful breed will be repaid many times over through the experience of sharing your home, your family, and yourself with these amazing Great Danes.



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